Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I never knew...

I never knew how painful shots could be until this afternoon when I watched my baby girl get her first shots (one in each leg). It's crazy how something could hurt me so much when I didn't even get a stick! The bad thing is that they were out of one of the vaccines so I have to call during November and take her back once they get more in. I think Dad may get stuck with that job.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Count Down

The count down to my return to work has really kicked into high gear. I only have about a day and a half before the big day. I'm very thankful to my friends Lori Cheatham, Joslyn Johnson and my mother in law Ruth for watching her until we get a spot in the daycare. I think starting out with friends rathter than daycare will actually make the transition back into the real world a little easier. If you see me Thursday and I seem a little weird--you know what the problem is. I'm hoping I can at least make it through the day at work with no tears and I'm sure Lori is already expecting to hear from me at least a few times throughout that first day :-)

I did call the daycare yesterday and she is at the top of the waiting list. I know this is a good daycare but I can't help but having images of her laying in a crib for hours at a time--only getting attention when she cries!! I'm sure this will change once we get her in and start interacting with the staff on a daily basis. Luckily for me (unlucky for daddy) he will be dropping her off most days as I have to leave earlier than he does.

Monday, October 27, 2008

new camera--big smiles

I got a new camera over the weekend--check out the big smiles I caught while taking my first few pictures with it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Camera troubles

We got about 200 (not kidding) pictures developed earlier this week. Apparently, my 10 megapixel digital camera is excellent at taking pictures of adults who sit still, but not so good at taking pictures of squirmy babies. I'm on a mission to convince my husband that I need a new camera to capture all these adorable pictures we're missing now :-)

Any info anyone can provide would be great--I don't need to completely break the bank, but I do want something that is quick!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New doo's at the treadway house--MOHAWKS for dad and daughter :-)

So, today I was going to give Chandler a haircut. He was going to "get things ready" while I finished up something in the dining room. I should have known it was taking too long and he was being too quiet. A few minutes later he comes trotting out with a mohawk so he posed for some pics--he knew I'd have to post it on the blog!

Don't worry--he's back to normal now, but it reminded me of some pictures I took Adalyn a few days ago. Somehow the mohawk looked much better on her :-)